Nov 27, 2011
@ 10:56 PM


God I have so many things to say.

You’re kind of my lifesaver. I don’t know anyone else who’s always there for me the way you are. I don’t know anyone else who puts up with my shit the way you do or who has talked me off a cliff so many times.

I find it a little bit hilarious that the main reason I started talking to you was because of FaithLess, and now you’re here and I just want to kick her in the teeth.

I really need you to come up here so we can be housemates and make the party. And also so we can go to JNett and get tatted up together and other badass things. 

I love that we think so alike and that we have such great and quality thoughts. I love that I never get sick of talking to you. I love that we can pretty much relate anything to Jennifer.

I would really like to un-ruin so many things for you.

And I also feel like I need to send you a thank-you card every day for being my fav - or - iteee.

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  1. mauramellie said: brb fucking crying everywehere. i love you so much.
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